Holocene Daydream by Chantal deFelice

You are cordially invited to the next art exhibit at Hibbleton Gallery, a live music/video interactive experience called “Holocene Daydream” by Chantal deFelice. The opening reception is Friday, July 7th from 6-10pm during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk.


Artist statement:

Holocene refers to the current geological epoch: “The Holocene also encompasses the growth and impacts of the human species worldwide, including all its written history, development of major civilizations, and overall significant transition toward urban living in the present.”

This composition is an exploration of the natural world, which then merges into the realm of human impact and the abundance of technology.

I begin with my own original video footage taken during recent travels in the US and abroad (Scandinavia, Europe and the Caribbean). then layer and add effects to the video in real-time, projecting them large-scale on the wall.

The best way I can think to describe the unique aspect of the live video performance is that although I may use the same clips, the endless variety of effects and layering makes it unlikely that any combination will repeat in the same way. It’s akin to a musician, using the same notes but improvising the order and even using different instruments each time they play.


Hibbleton Gallery
Chantal deFelice
The Magoski Arts Colony
The Downtown Fullerton Art Walk